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  • ♡ - my names anna! (pretty obvious (・ε・`*) …)
  • ♡ - i know this is gonna sound like me trying to be all quirky, but i really dont have a fave color!!! i just feel like solid colors dont look good at all...(says the girl with the solid color boxes)
  • ♡ - my style online is just everything cute!!!! i do love starflesh and scenecore inspired things though!! im planning on making a page dedicated to my other more morbid stuff.
  • ♡ - honestly..... my style in real life is just normal. i just wear hoodies and shorts/baggy jeans all the time. i dont have enough moola saved to buy all the crazy fashion stuff (ミ〒﹏〒ミ)
  • ♡ - i feel like my gender and sexuality arent that important, but if you really wanna know im a straight girl. and i love my bbg
  • ♡ - i LOOOOOOOOOVE cats!!!!!!! i also love; giant african millipedes, leapord geckos, anteaters, earthworms, and some breeds of dogs!!11!!111
  • ♡ - some of my hobbies include - playing guitar - swim team!! - doodling - website stuff - taking care of my lizard - listening to music
  • ♡ - i also really like people watching! or just watching..anything. not like videos, i mean like with my brain. in real life. like a ladder. now im looking at the ladder across from me. hehe.
  • ♡ - i dont like people who are total jerk-zoids for no flippin reason!!!!! pretending to be a jerk to your friends is fun, but not funzies for first impressions -- (;﹏;)
  • ♡ - my favorite videogames are : minecraft - roblox - splatoon - donut county - papa's sushiria - pou - (...but really i dont play a buncho videogames right now. been soops buzy!!!)
  • ♡ - my favorite real games are : ninja - bubblegum(the one you do with your shoes) - truth or dare - would you rathers - rhino battles - frog hunting (at night every time!!!!) - marco polo land version
  • ♡ - i love giving fun facts!!!! eventually, i will def have a fun fact of the week on this puppy!!!
  • ♡ - when i think of more things you should know about me, i'll let you guys know here!!