'*•.¸♡ blog ♡¸.•*'

welcome to my blog!! i'll write posts when something cool happens!!1!11!

    '*•.¸♡ entry 9 | THU sep 28 ♡¸.•*'

    im soops sleepy today guys... but GUESS. WHAT. my bf came to my swim meet yesterday!!!!!! it was SOOOO fun and it was senior night and everyone was yelling and swimming and it was CRAZY!!!!! i even got to hold his hand and GET THIS. so we were chilling behind the pool on the steps, looking at the SUNSET!!!!!! it was so pretty the colors were really pink and orange and yellow AAAAAAA it was so fun!!!! and....WE KISSED!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaa im still estatic about it!!!!!! and then after my whole team went to chipotle and we got food!!!! it was SOOOOOO FUN!!!! today is our last practice im SOBBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    '*•.¸♡ entry 8 | MON-TUE sep 26-27 ♡¸.•*'

    people who depend on the day of the week to decide their mood must be some of the most boring people here. i mean not like just sometimes like ‘ oh the weekends over aw man well ill still be normal and stuff just sad ‘ no like ‘ oh my god its monday ughhhhh now all i will talk about for the whole day is the fact that its monday and everyone hates mondays ‘ that kinda thing. i guess some people have nothing to talk about. when i have nothing to talk about i think of some weird thing to say. like being worm king. i wish i was someone who didnt talk when there was nothing to talk about. i drag chats on a bit too long really. it smells like cooked brown sugar in here. oh i mean in mrs jacksons right now. cus im in 3rd period. again. weeeee haaaaave aaaa teeeeest today!!!!!!! not excited (;﹏;). just finished the test. i got an 85 (;へ:) anyways... guess what!!! i have a site spoiler for you guys! (again) so remember that little time i said that the next site page would be some of my favorite pics??? dont worry, ill still do it but after this NEW page idea. so forget i said that other thing hehe. ive been into writing haikus lately!! ill have a super calm and serene page with all my haikus i write! i hope you guys will enjoy it. im gonna build the page today, and hopefully it'll be out and up to the site by next week!!!!!!!!!

    '*•.¸♡ entry 7 | WED sep 21 ♡¸.•*'

    if anyone was worried from the last one, (which i doubt you were), im doing soops okay now!!!1!11 i just had a rough weekend that time but im feeling okey dokey thanks to having things to do for school...PLUS!!!! SWIM MEET 2DAY!!!!!! im SOOOOOOOPS excited for this one. im chewin' on some gum in 3rd period right now. yep again in 3rd period! i dunno why, but this class is just the easiest to write my blog in. i make/update my website on my chromebook if anyone's wondering. and, new mrs.jackson update, i think she likes me! she said "hey anna" when i walked in (in what sounded like a pretty nice way) and asked how i was which was really great! right now, were watching a video on the colonists of south carolina. finished the video now, enough talk abotu skool!!! im sure its boring you. still chewing the gum. though its lost all it's flavor stuff. guys ive made a grave mistake. i thought `jizz` meant like, how something tastes. so on my ELA work thing i put something about my gum losing all its jizz.....i didnt know jizz meant cum. and i already turned it in............(;﹏;) i dont think my bbg is coming to my swim meet today, but hes coming to the one next week i think. this one is out of now in newberry, so it would be kind of a hassle for his mom. both of us dont have cars yet ╥﹏╥ but its alright for me. i dont go out much anyways aside for going thrifting or going to see my friends. a lot of my buds live not too far away so i can usually just walk there. god i love foggy mornings. they feel so cloudy it makes my brain feel soops nice. oh......i have a little spoiler for you guys. yes, i know, i shouldnt spoil anything about the site... but i cant not tell you guys!!! soon, i will be adding a `pics` page for all my S tier photos!! you'll love it. and, if one picture is related to a blog entry, ill tag the entry below in each caption!!!!!! yes, there will be captions! you get to treat your eyes to some scumptious photos, and read commentary by the one and only. anyways, were about to switch periods. im gonna stick the gum under the desk...im sorry.

    '*•.¸♡ entry 6 | SAT sep 17 ♡¸.•*'

    ill be real, this weekend hasnt been the best. i was overthinking too much last night and started cryng a whole bunch. i think the main topics of that cry-sesh were: i really want jerry to call me more, because im always asking if i can call him and he doesnt usually respond. i know he gets his phone taken a lot but i just feel like hes over me. but i know hes not and he probably wants to call me hes just busy and cant. i hope thats it. i really wanna be friends with these kids in my gym class. daniel, christiana and kylie. they just seem so cool and nice and normal and they just act so cool and funny and christiana is soops funny and we talk sometimes and i love it when she says "hey anna" and kylie is so fun to be around and she has the best smile and her teeth are so cute. daniel is like that cool type kid but not like mean cool and hes pretty nice and just seems like a well rounded person and hes super strong which is crazy cause he doesnt really look like it but i thought that was really cool. i feel like if i got to be really friends with him it would be really cool. and then i checked my phone and my pou pet was sick and hungry and all dirty and i cried so much because i forgot about him and i was such a bad pou parent. my pou deserves so much better than me. now ill try to tend to him all the time!! i feel a little sad right now. i would cover myself in jerry's blood and let him have some of mine too cause i love him so much. i would totally wanna eat him too. only if he wanted me to obviously. hes really tall and skinny so theres not a lot of meat on him really. technically i dont really know cuzzzzz i havn't gone to the pool with him yet ( *∵* ) i just know he tastes good though. ugh im such a creepo. i feel alright when i see myself saying these things, but when i put it into someone im saying it to's perspective, i realize how disgusting i am. but personally i dont think wanting to eat someone you love is so bad!!! ....yea it is. sorry guys this blog entry isnt very good. jerry said he wanted to come to my swim meet and was really funny about it but now i dont know if he does. i think my next meet is this wednesday. i feel like my friends dont actually like me. but then i really think about what 'like' means in that thought. do i mean, like hanging out with me? or like being my friend? but really i just wish someone would like who i am, not the feelings they get talking to me. i dont have any friends that really 'get' me i guess. in real life i dont act like this. i act stupid. thats why. i cant fucking shut up when im around people i like and that drives them away every time. i probably annoy jerry just as much as i think i do. i feel so bad for him cause im always asking him to call me and i text him stuff a lot. i mean not like 24/7 every minute but i try to everyday or every other day. we dont go to same school this year but next year we will!! im soops excited to see him all the time!!!!111!!!!1!! i dont know if he is though. i like to think we wants me just as much as i want him. oh if you read this and know me ilr dont bring it up pretty please (;﹏;)

    '*•.¸♡ entry 5 | FRI sep 16 ♡¸.•*'

    guys...........!!!!! M U S I C !!!!! the moment youve all been waiting for, i know. the site is SOOPS enjoyable now!! hey, also, when i say soops i mean like, super. like when you say totes instead of totally. UGH my stinky cat tom is trying to harras my poor baby boy randall (randall is a lizard) i have to go throw stinky boy out now. one second. im bak now X_X!!! anyways. guess what dude? swim practice got cancelled today!! i mean yay, but... i feel totes lazy bones now. i missed TWO DAYS?! so lazy bones!!!! i dont even know when my next swim meet is, and thats the one my bbg is going to! what if i do terrible and totally lose all his respect!!!! NO NO NOOOO!!!! i am not gonna think like that. *lemongrab saying UNACCEPTABLE!!* ill do fine im SURE!!! and i will WIN ALL MY EVENTS!!!!!!!! .....okay maybe thats too much. still not good to have a negative attitude! negative att's are basically telling the gods you dont wanna win. and you do want to win right? i know i do!!!!! gods, please let me win... i dont wanna wish too much though, or ill jinx it!!! aaaaaa. destiny is so confusing sometimes. but ill be for-reals. i dont really thinka bout the gods every time i want something soops bad. anyways. skool is going pretty good. i looked very crusy and gross today. im gonna shower in 10 minutes actually. im so glad its the weekend!! next week, i'll be ready and PUMPED to start swimming.

    '*•.¸♡ entry 4 | THU sep 15 ♡¸.•*'

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! hehehe. just felt like screaming. hey you know that one tiktok audio thats like "when the leader of the friend group tells you to get devious.. NYAHAHAHA!!!" i like that one quite a bit. made me giggle. lil giggle. heehee. i added some more images 2 the site! i think they r soops cute. ughhh i really cant figure out how 2 get some music on my site...(╥﹏╥) i looked it up and did EXACTLY what it said to do.. and it DIDNT WORK! i usually dont make a fit over just little stuff but music on my site would be so DOPEEEE!!!! so yes, i am gonna have a huge sobbing tantrum over not having music on my site (ू ˃̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू) anyways. about my day! i say that like you care about what i have to say, but in the end i have to admit that you probably dont give 2 shits. its okay though cos i know theres not a buncho people reading this anyways. about my DAY though. i stayed home cause i was like, DEAD tired and couldnt get up. missed swim practice too..but im going to swim and school tommorow. the day was pretty good. i had an awesome idea to buy a water gun and then go climb up a tree to sit in by a sidewalk, and shoot the passing people with water!!!!! but nobody was selling water guns... me and my mom did go to blue flour though. we got sugar cookies!!!! i ate mine immediatly.

    '*•.¸♡ entry 3 | TUE sep 13 ♡¸.•*'

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (╥﹏╥)... i am SOOOO TIRED!!!!!! i wanna sleep the whole day. right now im in 5th period... i know your probably thinking, "well your gonna get to sleep soon when you go home" WRONG!!!! i have to go to a torturing 1:30 min swim practice!!!! every DAY!!! it is terrible. and when i get home i cant even sleep because my teachers give me so much to do... D: anyways. i wanted 2 do PE today but we had health instead. talking about drugs an all that. i dont think i'll ever do drugs because drugs r not cool!!!!!!!

    '*•.¸♡ entry 2 | MON sep 12 ♡¸.•*'

    so far, the morning has been very cloudy in my head. not the sky, i just feel kind of woozy. is woozy a word? i'd rather think about that in my brain than look it up and be satisfied. im in third period right now. im imagining mrs.jackson as a hedghog woman. like a cute hedghog from those little kids books. maybe i'll put an image below of what im thinking of. i should imagine all my teachers as animal people and then like see them like that. imagine some little roud glasses on that hedgehog and a nice rosey jacket. thats so cute!!! i would like to think that mrs.jackson as a hedgehog would like me, but i dont think that she would since human mrs.jackson doesnt. im not a big fan of her class to be honest, but i do prefer hedgehog mrs.jackson rather than real her. anyways. my stomach feels minty. and my mouth does too. or just my mouth. i dont want to think about it too much or it wont feel minty anymore...changing subject!!! i feel a little bad for sticking my gum under the table. i chewed it all throughout this period and it had lost its uhhhh whats the word. zest. like the pop of it. no pop doesnt sound right at all..(╥﹏╥). mrs.jackson likes the talkative kids i guess. shes always talking to this kid named anderson in my class because hes popular and loud. like. ALL the TIME!! if she wasnt a teacher i would think she had a crush on him. weird thought. oh!!!! i forgot to tell you about what happened at my bfs bday!!! i'll tell you now. !!prepare for super mushy love stuff!! we went to this really cool ramen shop and i got the regular beef one. while everyone was talking i was making a landscape in my bowl with all the veggies and stuff. then i had to mix it all up and eat it!!!! after, we went to dave n busters and his mom got us 4!!! cards with !150! points on EACH!!! of course i was really suprised! i gave her all my money that i had on me, which was about 14 dollars. she kept giving it back to me but i insisted on paying her back. i mean thats a lot of money for so many points and i just had to be polite. we played a bunch of games and held handssssss (¬‿¬).

    '*•.¸♡ entry 1 | FRI sep 9 ♡¸.•*'

    today has been pretty good! i woke up a little late but thats pretty much the usual anyways..i had a sandwhich, yogurt and a tangerine for lunch, so i think i would rate it 7.5/10. very good sandwhich (dry salami and mayo). im very excited for tommorow! i have a swim meet (im on my highschool's swim team) and were going agisnt like 7 teams!!!11!!!!!1! usually you only go agaisnt 1 in a swim meet, so its very exciting!!!! if that wasnt enough exciting-stuff, i also get to go to my boyfriend's birthday!! were gonna go to the arcade and a ramen shop after!!!!!! i wont rant about how excited i am for it because i know you guys dont wanna hear all that mushy stuff (╥﹏╥)... !!!UPDATE!!! my friend emily just informed me that the swim meet ends at 6:30 but i have to be at my bf's bday at 6!!!! this sucks balls. im going to try and leave early when all my events are done, because i technically dont HAVE to stay its just polite to. but i REEALLLY SUPER DUPER must be at bf's bday!!!!!!!! very much conflicting things.